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Friday, March 8, 2013

Men Perfume

Armani. Italian Fashion House founded by Giorgio Armani in 1975. Perfumes: Acqua di Gio.Sensi.She.Prive.Mania.Armani Code.Idole D'Armani.

Balmain. French Fashion House founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945. Perfumes: Vent Fort.Jolie Madame.Ivoire.Eau

Bvlgari. Italian luxury goods manufacturer and eminent perfume maker founded by Sotirios Bulgari in 1884. Perfumes: Bulgari Pour Femme.Rose Essentielle.Aqua Pour Homme.Omnia.

Burberry. London based fashion and luxury accessories Company founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. Perfumes: Brit.Burberry New London.Weekend.Tender Touch.Touch.Burberry Original. Brit Red.

Cacharel. French Fashion and Accessories Company founded by Jean Bousquet in 1962. Perfumes:Anais Anais.LouLou.Eden.Amor Amor.Promesse.

Calvin Klein. American Fashion House founde in 1968 by Calvin Klein. Perfumes: Obsession.Eternity.CK One.Truth.Euphoria.Eternity Moment.

Carolina Herrera. New York based Fashion Company founded by Vezzuelan Designer Carolina Herrara. Perfumes: 212.Chic.Carolina.

Caron. French Perfume Company founded in 1904 by Earnest Daltroff. Perfumes: Tabac Blond.Pour Un Homme.Infini.Parfum Sacre.Yatagan.

Cartier. French Jeweller and Watchmaker founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier.Perfumes: Must De Cartier.Declaration.Delices De Cartier.Le Baiser du Dragon.Pasha.

Chanel. French Fashion House founde in 1910 by Designer Coco Chanel.Perfumes: Chanel No.5. no.19. Chance.Coco.Allure.Platinum Egoiste.

Christian Dior. French Fashion House founded in 1946 by Designer Christian Dior. Perfumes: Miss Dior.Eau Sauvage.Poison.Dolce Vita.Fahrenheit.Miss Dior Cherie.

Chloe. French Fashion House founded in 1956. Perfumes: Chloe.Narcisse.

Clarins. French Cosmetics Company founded by Jacques Courtin-Clarins in 1954.Controls brands including Azzaro.Thierry Mugler.Stella Cadente. Perfumes: Par Amour.Eau Dynamisante.

Comme de Garcons. Fashion House founded by Japanese Designer Rei Kawakubo. Perfumes: Comme des Garcons 2.

Coty. French Cosmetics and Perfume Company founded by Francois Coty. Perfumes:Chypre.Exclamation.Aspen.

Courreges. French Fashion House founded in 1961 by Designer Andre Courreges. Perfumes: Eau De Courreges.Empreinte.

Davidoff. Swiss brand of Luxury products notably cigars and latterly fragrances.Founded by Zino Davidoff in 1906.Perfumes: Echo.Cool Water.Silver Shadow.Game.

Dunhill. British Luxury Goods Company founded by Alfred Dunhill. Perfumes: Desire.Fresh.Pure.

Elizabeth Arden. US-based Perfume and Cosmetics Company founded by Canadian-born Elizabeth Arden.Brands include Britney Spears Fragrances.Curious.Fantasy.and Elizabeth Taylor Fragrances .White Diamonds.Passion.Blue Grass. 5th Avenue.Splendour.

Estee Lauder. American Perfume and Cosmetics Company founded by Joseph and Estee Lauder.Brands include Aramis and Tommy Hilfiger. Perfumes: Beautiful.Pleasures.Youth Dew.Estee.Knowing.Youth Dew Amber Nude.

Fendi. Italian Fashion Company founded in 1918. Perfumes: Celebration.Life Essence.Fendi.

Floris. London Perfume Company founded in 1730 by Minorcan-born Juan Famenias Floris. Perfumes: Floral fragrances in Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette.

Givenchy. French Fashion House founded in 1952 by Designer Hubert de Givenchy.Perfumes: Monsieur.Insense.Organza.Xeryus.Ysatis.My Couture.Hot Couture.Ange ou Demon.Amarige.Amarige Mariage.Absolutely Irresistable.Absolutely Irresistable Sensual.

Gucci. Italian Fashion House founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. Perfumes: Envy.Envy Me 2.Gucci Rush.Summer.Gucci by Gucci.Flora.

Guerlain. French Perfume House founded in 1828 by Pierre-Francois Guerlain. Perfumes: Jicky.L'Heure Bleue.Mitsouko.Shalimar.Chamade.Samsara.

Hugo Boss. German Fashion House founded in 1923 by Hugo Boss. Perfumes: Deep Red.Hugo.Energise.Femme.Soul.Pure Purple.Hugo XX.Hugo XY.

Issey Miyake. Japanese Fashion House founded in 1970 by Designer Issey Miyake. Perfumes:L'eau d'Issey.L'eau d'Issey Pour Homme.

Jean Patou. French Fashion House founded in 1919 by Jean Patou. Perfumes: 1000.Sublime.Enjoy.Sira des Indes.

Jean-Paul Gaultier. French brand created by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Perfumes:Classique.Le Male.Fragile.Gaultier 2.

Joop. German Clothing and Cosmetics Company founded by Wolfgang Joop. Perfumes: Joop.Jump.

Lacoste. Frnch Sportswear,Clothing and Accessories Company founded  in 1933 by the Tennis Champion Rene Lacoste who was nicknamed the "The Alligator?Crocodile" hence the logo. Perfumes; Lacoste Pour Femme.Style in Play. Inspiration.Touch of Sun.Touch of Pink.

Lancome. French Perfume and Cosmetics Company fonded in 1935 and named after a Chateau. Perfumes; Magie Noir.Tresor.Miracle.Poeme.Miracle Forever.

Lanvin. French Fashion House founded by Designer Jeanne Lanvin in 1924. Perfumes; Arpege.Oxygene.Rumeur.

Nina Ricci. French Perfume Company founded in 1932 by Italian-born Maria 'Nina'Ricci. Perfumes; L'Air Du Temps.Pemier Jour.Love In Paris.Nina.

Paco Rabanne. French Fashion House founded in 1966 by Spanish-born Designer Paco Rabanne. Perfumes; Paco Rabanne Pour Elle.Paco Rabanne Pour Homme.XS.Ultraviolet.

Paloma Picasso.A US based Evening Wear,Jewellery and Perfume Company founded by Paloma Picasso daughter of the renowned artist Pablo Picasso. Perfumes; Paloma Picasso.Tentations.Minotaure.

Penhaligon's. A British Perfume Company specialising in products based on classic floral scents.Founded by William Henry Penhaligon in the 1860s. Perfumes;Hammam Bouquet.Blenheim Bouquet.English Fern.Lily of the Valley.Bluebell.

Pierre Cardin. French Fashion House founded in 1950 by Pierre Cardin. Perfumes;Pierre Cardin.Choc de Cardin.Enigma.centaure.

Ralph Lauren. American Fashion Company launched in 1967 as Polo Ralph Lauren by Designer Ralph Lauren. Perfumes;Polo.Safari.Glamourous.Blue.Ralph Rocks.Ralph.

Revlon. American Cosmetics Company founded in 1932 by Charles Revson and Charles Lachman. Perfumes; Charlie.Charlie Blue.Ciara.

Rochas. French Fashion House founded in 1925 by Designer Marcel Rochas. Perfumes; Femme.Madame Rochas.Alchimie.Absolu.Byzance.

Ted Baker. British Clothing Company founded in 1988 by Ray Lelvin. Perfumes; M.W.Endurance.

Thierry Mugler. French Fashion House founded in 1974 by Designer Thierry Mugler. Perfumes; Angel.A'Men.Angel Men.Alien.

Tommy Hilfiger. American Fashion House founded in 1984 by Thomas Hilfiger. Perfumes;Tommy.Tommy Girl.True Star with (Beyonce Knowles)

Trussardi. Italian Fashion House of Designer Nicola Trussardi when in 1970 took over the family glove business which was founded in 1910. Perfumes; Trussardi Jeans.Python.

Ungaro. French Fashion House founded in 1965 by Emanuel Ungaro born of Italian parents. Perfumes; Diva.Sensa.Emanuel Ungaro for Men.Desnuda.Apparition.

Van Cleef & Arpels. French Jewellery Company founded in 1896 by Alfred Van Cleef and Salomon Arpels. Perfumes; Van Cleef.Miss Arpels.First.Zanzibar.First Love.

Versace. Italian Fashion House founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. Perfumes; Gianni Versace.Jeans Couture.Versus.

Worth. French Fashion House founded as the House of Worth in 1858 by British-born Charles frederick Worth,known as the 'father of haute -couture'. Perfumes; Je Reviens.

Yves Saint-Laurent. French Fashion House founded in 1962 by Designer Yves Saint-Laurent. Perfumes;Opium.Rive-Gauche.Kouros.YSL Pour Homme.Young Sexy Lovely.

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